Friday, January 17, 2020

Widespread Rain In Metro/Teton Pass

Bright, clear morning following yesterday's dreary skies and rain.

ALERT network rainfall yesterday for sites with 0.04" and more - north part of network above and south part below. Amounts across metro Tucson were generally around a tenth to a third of an inch. Here at house we had 0.22". Higher amounts occurred south of metro area as per graphic below.

Looks like coming seven days will be mild and dry.

View above is of heavy traffic, and heavy snowfall, on highway (numbered 20 in Wyoming and 33 in Idaho) that crosses Teton Pass (see map below). Traffic is heavy on this treacherous pass because Jackson is an elite and expensive tourist town. Many to most of the town's service and support workers can only afford to live over in the small, rural towns of Idaho. I'd certainly not want such a commute!

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