Thursday, January 30, 2020

Next Weather System Will Be In February

Snow and colorful lights last night at Jackson, Wyoming. System discussed in yesterday's post moved right overhead last night and is over Sonora this morning - was a very dry system, with almost no precipitation reported as it passed southward over Arizona.

Looks like a quiet end to January, with slight chances for light showers early next week - all model forecasts here from 00 UTC forecast runs on 30th. The GEFS plumes for 3-hour precipitation amounts (above) indicate slight hope for Monday showers.

The plumes for temperature (above) forecast a dramatic cold front for Monday and Tuesday next week, along with a period of strong and gusty winds (below).

The changes come as a strong, 500 mb short wave passes by next Monday (forecast at bottom from the ECMWF).

Monday is a long way away, and we'll watch to see how situation actually evolves, but a bit of weather hope.

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