Saturday, April 10, 2021

Today - Southwest Versus Southeast

Fair skies continue this morning, with a bit of haze. The GEFS plumes for QPF at the airport (below from the 06 UTC runs) continue to show us essentially flat-lined through next weekend. Note that last significant rain here was nearly a month ago (13 March).

Since the Masters golf tournament is underway, I'll take a look at the Southeast's weather situation today. Image at bottom shows the azaleas in full bloom for this 2021 event, as opposed to last Fall's delayed 2020 outing, when the scenery was not nearly so spectacular.

The IR satellite image above is from 14 UTC this morning (10:00 am Augusta time) - the last group of players tees off today at 2:20 pm in Augusta. A large area of storms along the Gulf Coast is moving toward Georgia, and weather may become a factor in today's tournament. The 13 UTC outlook from SPC (below) keeps the main chance for severe thunderstorms to the south of Augusta, but there is a huge area of the east with an outlook for marginal chances for severe thunderstorms.

The 06 UTC plumes for QPF at Augusta (above) indicate a 100% chance for measurable rain this afternoon, with the average amount forecast being around half an inch, or a bit less. The Official NWS forecast for Augusta this afternoon is a 60% chance for measurable rain. The NAM forecast below (of radar echoes) is valid at 3:00 pm Augusta time this afternoon. The models forecast that storms could significantly impact the play of today's round of the tournament - it will be on CBS for those interested in watching.

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