Thursday, September 13, 2012

Interesting Early Morning - September 13th

This morning a rocket test at White Sands produced an exhaust cloud high in the upper-atmosphere before sunrise. The trail was very bright and my crude photo (above) doesn't begin to capture its brightness. A few minutes later I watched a large Javelina trotting along the Rillito Wash.

Tropical Storm Kristy is located south of Baja this morning (above is IR image from 1330 UTC), and will try  to push moisture back north up the GoC. However, rising pressures in southern Arizona may keep the moisture south of the border.

The cold front pushing across New Mexico has reached to near Lordsburg this morning - above is 7 am MST surface plot from NCAR RAL. I did a quick check on 24-hour pressure rises over southeastern Colorado and New Mexico and found rises of 10 to nearly 20 mb. Pressures are also rising over northern Arizona, so southern Arizona is in a real squeeze. Winds will pick up this afternoon as the front backdoors into southeastern Arizona. This morning's early WRF-GFS forecasts some showers ahead of the front this afternoon. Below is the WRF forecast of rain fall through midnight tonight.

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