Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quick Look From East To West

Interesting weather this morning is mostly far removed from Arizona. Hurricane Nadine (8 am EDT image above) has been wandering around over the Atlantic - far from the continents - for days now. A portion of Nadine's track is shown below. The first forecast discussion for TS Nadine was issued at 11 am AST on September 11th. The 11 am discussion this morning is number 68. I don't know what the longevity record for TS/Hurricanes is, but I would think that Nadine must be a contender.

Over the US the most substantial storms and rain this morning are centered over Texas (national radar composite for 1524 UTC above). Moisture from both Miriam and short-lived Norman is playing some role in this event. There is still some moisture and a bit of CAPE over eastern Arizona and there may be isolated storms over the mountains this afternoon. Steering flow appears to be from the northeast.

Over the western Pacific, Typhoon Jelawat (once a Super Typhoon) is headed toward Japan. When Jelawat becomes an extra-tropical storm it will play an important role in ridging over Alaska. The circulation changes will probably send a cold high into the US by the end of the coming week and perhaps threaten the Colorado front Range with its first snow of the Fall.

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