Friday, September 14, 2012

Some Thunderstorm Activity Yesterday

The WRF-GFS forecasts from Atmo were quite good yesterday. The 4:45 pm TUS composite radar image (above) indicates storms into eastern Pima County. Here at the house we had only a few sprinkles and a trace of rain.Atmo and TUS measured light rain with the thundershowers that affected primarily south and east portions of the local area. Atmo had a gust to 57 mph as the storms went by. Across the ALERT network 24 of 93 stations had measurable rain during the past 24-hours. Couple of stations reported over half an inch of rain.

Above web cam photo from Computer Sciences was at 6 pm MST, and the purple-red sunset shot below was from the house. Very windy along the Rillito at sunrise this morning.

The short-wave at 500 mb has closed off and will be nearly overhead this afternoon - looks like temperatures at 500 mb may be the coolest they have been in about 3 months. The 500 mb low moves little during the next couple of days, as it weakens overhead. Appears that east to northeast winds will keep mT air south of the border, keeping any Kristin push at bay over the GoC. A large, bent-back ridge sets up at 500 mb from western US into Alaska next several days, transitioning us into warm, Fall weather.

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