Saturday, September 01, 2012

August Ends With A Mostly Dry Day

I drove out to the site of the proposed Rosemont Copper mine this morning to get some photos, while the site is in its green, summer makeup. More later on how that went.


The regional radar chart (above from NCAR RAL) at 5 pm yesterday afternoon indicated only two small clusters of storms in all of southeastern Arizona. A very quiet end for the month. Across the Pima County ALERT network 11 stations measured rainfall. However the cluster of storms on the north side of the Catalinas hit three of the ALERT sites with amounts of 0.55", 0.71", and 1,06".  Unfortunately, the webcam at Computer Sciences remains out of commission - in fact, most of the campus is torn up with construction of different types. Those driving in today for the first football game of the season will discover a serious mess as they fight their way toward the stadium.

Pattern remains stagnant, although a portion of the west coast trough has intruded into parts of Arizona. The low-level moisture remains highest in the west and decreases very markedly from Tucson east toward southwestern New Mexico. A plot of surface conditions at 9:45 am MST this morning (above) shows Tds of 62F at Tucson, 46F at Safford, and 36F at Silver City, New Mexico. It is interesting that the surface dewpoint this morning is higher at Salt Lake City than at Safford.

The Tucson morning sounding (below) shows light winds below 500 mb and stronger, southwesterly winds above. There seems to be some CAPE at lower elevations possible this afternoon. However, it appears that storms will hang mostly on higher elevation slopes again this afternoon. The Atmo WRF models seems mostly out of commission also these last few days - so nothing to report from that quarter this morning.

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