Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rosemont Site Photos 1 September 2012

As I mentioned in the previous post, I drove south of I-10 on Highway 83 this morning to take some summer photos of the proposed Rosemont Copper mine site. It has been a dry summer this year in the Sonoita area, so the greenness is much more subdued than usual. The photo above was taken from the scenic view pull out and is looking toward the south end of the Rosemont site, with the higher Santa Rita Mountains and Wilderness area in the distant background, at left.

The photo below is of the rest area pull off that is south of the USGS Barrel Canyon stream gauge. The picnic tables used to have a roof cover to protect users from the sun and from rain. The roof mysteriously vanished about two years ago. Today there is not even a trash can at the littered site, which is overgrown with weeds. While once a popular pull out, it is used infrequently these days, because of its inhospitable condition.

Photo above is of the USGS Barrel stream gauge, which is sited along Barrel Creek/Wash just off the northeast end of the planned Rosemont mine site. The road into the site area is just south of the bridge on Highway 83. There is a sign announcing Rosemont's Air Quality Permit Application to the state (below), ironically posted right next to a Forest Service sign urging users of the public lands down the road to keep the environment healthy!

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