Thursday, September 20, 2012

Morning Clouds

It was a very warm morning today with a low here at the house of 68F - low at airport appears to have been 75F. The warm temperatures were the result of broken to overcast middle clouds during the night. The clouds provided a flaming, purple to orange sunrise. Just before sunrise I came across a little herd of Javelina (at least 3 that I could see) down at the end of Country Club - they were slowly making their way back toward the Rillito, after scavenging through some neighborhoods.

Above is webcam view of Catalinas, and the cloud deck, just after 7 am MST. The clouds developed over southern Arizona and northern Sonora yesterday afternoon and evening within a weak, middle-level inverted trough. Visible satellite image below is from 6:45 am.

I can't resist showing some long-range forecasts. There is a developing tropical disturbance down off the southwestern coast of Mexico. The global models develop this into a Tropical Storm or Hurricane. By 7 days the ECMWF forecasts (valid 5 pm MST on September 26th - 500 mb above and 700 mb below)
indicate the tropical system moving northward up the west coast of Baja. If the forecasts actually verify, this tropical system could bring southern Arizona some rainfall as September ends.

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