Monday, February 16, 2015

Brief Look At Yesterday

There were quite a few thunderstorms around yesterday afternoon - above shows detected CG flashes through 7:00 pm MST. Across the ALERT network a bit more than 20% of the stations measured rainfall of 0.04 inches or more. Best amounts were off in the southwest sector of the network (below). Brawley Wash at Three Points had 0.43", the most that I found reported this morning. Both TUS and DM had light, but measurable rain. Douglas reported 0.36" and the RAWS station at Empire had 0.32". So, the event certainly did a bit better producing storms and rain than I had expected.

This morning there are some lingering clouds hanging on the mountains of eastern Pima County - image below is from Kitt Peak a bit before 8:00 am MST.. The 500 mb cyclone is now over Sonora, weakening and moving eastward - any final showers in Arizona will be off to the east, as this system bows out. 

A 500 mb trough is deepening over the central US and a trailing short wave is digging southeastward across Colorado and the Four Corners Region today. This feature will kick up westerly to northwesterly winds across southeastern Arizona this afternoon.

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