Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Smell Of Moisture In Air This Morning

Amended to add: Showers here at house at 6:30 am - first rain in very long while.

Current TUS composite radar image (above, for a bit after 6 am MST) indicates light showers over the Rincons and a band of light showers approaching the Tucson metro area from the northwest.

While there has been little precipitation during the night, there is a nice hint of moisture in the air this morning. Only two ALERT sites up in the Catalinas had any measured rain during the night and that was only 0.04" at Oracle Ridge and Dan Saddle. The precipitation plot from MesoWest for past 12-hours (below) shows nothing in southeast Arizona, but light amounts of rain across Phoenix area.

The 06 UTC forecast from the WRF-NAM at Atmo is a bit more moist than past forecasts and indicates very light amounts for low-elevation portions of eastern Pima County through 5:00 pm this evening. Amounts forecast are somewhat higher for the surrounding mountains.

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