Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weather Miscellany February 19th

There are scattered cirrus over parts of southern Arizona this morning, and perhaps some middle clouds also (visible image above from 8:45 am MST). But, view south from Kitt Peak shows clear skies over Mexico (below from 9:03 am).

The 850 mb analysis above (from NCAR RAL) for 132 UTC this morning shows the very cold temperatures that cover eastern U.S. - Temperatures of 0C and below reach almost to Miami! Tucson has the warmest 850 mb temperature at 16C - making the gradient from southern Arizona to northern Michigan almost 50C - wow. Surface plot below (also from NCAR) shows some of the very cold temperatures at midmorning. Forecast high for Tucson area is 80+ and so it will be a nice day to be out and about down here in our corner of the Southwest.

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