Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Fast-Hitting Cold Front For Tomorrow Morning

Saturday's fast-moving weather system brought only cold winds to the Tucson metro area, with some light snow showers on the Catalinas (above) and the Rincons. Another fast-moving cold front is expected tomorrow morning (Tuesday, December 29th). This is again a moisture-starved system, but the 06 UTC WRF forecasts from Atmo this morning (below is from WRF-NAM) indicate light showers moving through parts of eastern Pima County around sunrise. Thicknesses at this time will be right around 5340 m, which can bring snowflakes to parts of the metro area. So, it could be an interesting morning tomorrow, although any precipitation amounts will be light.

Saturday's weather system became a major and deadly storm for the Southern Plains (see post from December 24th, 2nd below). Tornadoes struck in the Dallas area - photo above (by T. J. Reazor) is of a large tornado near Garland, Texas, where hundreds of homes were damaged or destroyed Saturday evening.

The storm brought blizzard conditions to much of southeast New Mexico and west Texas yesterday. There is currently a state of emergency in parts of New Mexico, where all roads are closed. On Saturday night heavy, wet snow fell in El Paso (above) and blizzard conditions continued yesterday evening in Roswell, New Mexico (below).

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