Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cold And Frosty Morning Here

Yesterday's storm has moved north into Colorado this morning, leaving clear skies and cold morning lows here in Tucson area. Precipitation coverage yesterday across the ALERT network was again 100%. Amounts at lower elevations were generally around a tenth to a quarter of an inch - 0.19" here at the house. So, the WRF forecasts were pretty good, except for the timing.

Frosty here at the house as sun comes up - photo at top is of roof just to the north and just above shows my ice-covered rain gauge. Low here was 26 F.

Very cold up north - time series below from Grand Canyon (blue is T, black is Td, and green is RH) shows temperatures well below zero. Their low was -14 F. Photo at bottom shows downtown Denver at sunrise, where the morning commute was/is probably a bit tricky.

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