Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lightning Displays And Yesterday's Thunderstorms

There were thunderstorms around yesterday but these were mainly to our north and east, as the high-resolution WRF forecasts from Atmo had indicated. There were two ALERT sites that measured rainfall but amounts were quite light. Below are some CG flash graphics from various sources.

The displays above and below are from a new (to me) site that Art Douglas steered me to at in Germany. The display above is  a "save as" graphic and it has lost its state boundaries. Below is a screen snip of the southern portion of the display - these data are detected flashes for two hours ending at 2355 UTC yesterday afternoon. The real time displays from this organization (apparently all open access - which is a breath of fresh air) are quite amazing. I am not sure how their detection systems work and will have to dig deeper. However, this will be a very interesting site to monitor once the summer thunderstorm season gets going down here.

For contrast the 24-hour display above is from Atmo and Vaisala for period ending at 0803 UTC today and below from is flash density for 24-hours ending at 1345 UTC this morning. All systems and displays show the isolated thunderstorm location to our south on the northwestern slopes of the Santa Rita Mountains.

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