Monday, May 02, 2016

Problems Continue At Yuma Radar

Jack Diebolt alerted me that the problems continue at Yuma early this morning. All of these images are from about 6:45 am MST. Visible satellite image above shows the clear skies that cover all of southern Arizona. Below is base scan (0.5 degree tilt) reflectivity from the NWS Yuma radar.

Above is the storm total radar-estimated precipitation product. Somehow the rock echoes are fooling the precipitation algorithms - but again, I have not kept up with the algorithms as the radar capabilities have been enhanced during recent years. Note that some points are showing estimated rain amounts of around four inches. Some national maps of radar estimated rainfall have eliminated the false rain estimates via QC procedures, while other products indicate rain in the Yuma/Baja areas.

Out of curiosity I also looked at the current hydrometeor classification product (below - based on the dual polarization signals). Most of the echoes are classified as "biological," however, many grids indicated rain or dry snow.

The Yuma radar status message currently does not indicate any problems with the radar or its products.

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