Friday, December 21, 2018

First Day Of Astronomical Winter

December 21st has been a dreary, quite cloudy day - very much more clouds and cooler temperatures than forecast by NWS this morning. View from campus at 8:00 am MST and 4:00 pm, above and below, show the high cloudiness that has prevailed through the day. Second below is visible satellite image from 3:30 pm.

Even though the NWS ASOS observations indicate that it has been clear all day, the incoming solar radiation plot from Atmo above shows the very large differences in direct incoming radiation (green) for today versus yesterday, when it actually was clear. Last evening's WRF-GFS forecast the cloudiness and radiation for today quite well.

This morning's 12 UTC WRF-GFS precipitation forecast through 10:00 am on the 28th is below, with southeast Arizona forecast to have a fair amount of precipitation during that period. Showers occur in the model's forecast late on Christmas day and again early on the 28th. So hopefully a bit more rain in the gauge before the start of 2019.

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