Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dirty Air This AM And Miscellany

Main "weather" locally this morning is dirty air with reduced visibility - view from campus above at 7:44 am MST and view from east-looking air quality cam downtown is from 7:27 am.

Below is the current air quality forecast for today for PM10 particulates (smaller than 10 microns or 0.0004"). Orange levels mean that older adults and children are at some risk outdoors.

At national levels, the NWS current hazards and alerts map (above) is very colorful - red is a large area under blizzard warnings due to the developing cyclone in eastern Colorado. Most of the Southwest has various high winds alerts and Red Flag (browns to pink) wildfire warnings.

The current 500 mb analysis for this morning is above, showing the trough deepening and moving over the Great Basin, as per forecasts (chart from SPC). Below shows the morning forecast for the airport, with winds today and some chance of showers late Friday as next short wave comes by. The WRF forecasts from last night forecast this to be another moisture-starved system with little measurable precipitation in our area. Will take another look at this next event later today or tomorrow morning.

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