Saturday, December 28, 2019

Continued Damp And Dreary.

Heavy clouds continue over the Catalinas, but 8:45 am MST satellite image below shows clear skies to our west. Hopefully the sun will come out by afternoon.

Rainfall across entire area yesterday and into the night. Light showers before sunrise across this part of town. Measured 0.39" yesterday, plus another 0.11" during night - so half an inch total here.

The deep, 500 mb trough (above) is moving eastward. We are on back side now and can look for improving conditions. Webcam views below are of heavy snow falling in downtown Denver (top), ahead of the trough. But a beautiful sunrise at Mt. Whitney behind the trough (bottom). Christmas week has certainly been wet - total rain here at house since 23rd has been 0.96".

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