Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Highly Variable Winds Across Metro Area

Morning view from Atmo at about 7:15 am MST.

The 12 UTC skew-T sounding pot for TWC (above) shows that the clouds are up above 300 mb, while conditions below 400 mb are VERY dry. Strong east-southeast winds prevail below 600 mb. Plot below shows wind gusts at about the same time across the area. Winds ranged from calm around Oro Valley to around 40 mph just west of Redington Pass. Observations from airport second below, show that winds there have gusted as high as 49 mph. The Mt. Hopkins RAWS site gusted up to 65 mph late yesterday and then went out of service - so details re that very windy site remain unknown this morning.

Models continue to forecast rains around Christmas. Below is forecast for PW at TUS out through Christmas Day. Note that it is extremely dry this morning with PW values of only 0.07".

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