Thursday, February 09, 2023

A Look Ahead

Clear skies over the Catalinas at 8:10 am MST this morning. The longer term model forecasts indicate a change to more unsettled conditions beginning late Sunday.

The GEFS plumes from the 06 UTC runs are used here to look ahead for the coming seven days. The QPF plumes (above) indicate chances for precipitation centered on Sunday night and again Tuesday night. It has been a bit over three weeks since there was any rainfall here at the house. Plumes for temperature (below) indicate considerable cooling late Sunday through the rest of the period.
Plumes for wind speeds indicate several periods of strong winds through he coming seven days (above). The P-Type forecasts (below) show chances for some snow mixed in with the rain late in the period.

The NWS is highlighting gusty winds for tonight through Saturday on their web page this morning (bottom). 

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