Monday, February 13, 2023

Showers Parts Of Metro Area

Showers moving onto the west end of the Catalinas at 8:50 am MST this morning.

At 500 mb the closed low has moved on shore and is centered near the north end of the GoC at 12 UTC (above - note lack of observations at San Diego). The morning forecast for the airport (below from TUS NWS) indicates high POPs for the airport as well as 80 to 90% POPs for entire metro area today. 

First band of showers is moving across eastern Pima County and it has been raining lightly here - there's 0.03" in gauge now, but skies have cleared and there's bright sunshine. ALERT observations below are for early morning hours through 9:00 am.

Windy periods are forecast to continue - the airport had gusts to 36 mph yesterday afternoon. Forecast wind speeds below are from the 09 UTC WRF-RR and are valid at 2:pm tomorrow afternoon.

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