Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mexican MCSs and Misc.

There were strong MCSs in northern Mexico again last night with outflows moving into southern Arizona. The satellite image above shows that there were again MCSs on either side of the Sierra Madre Occidental divide – I’m not sure how unusual this might be?

No stations in the Pima County ALERT network reported rain yesterday afternoon and only 12 of 93 stations had rain on Tuesday.

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough, but I’m not finding much in the model progs to get excited about – is anyone else?

Summary of first 15 days of July here at house:

4 days with measurable rain (7 in 2008)

I only heard thunder on 5 days (10 days in 2008)

Rain total 1.52” (but I know that most areas of metro area have had much more!)
(2.70” in 2008)
So, here at house quite a down July so far compared to last year – what we get for living in the “Rillito Dry Slot!”

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