Saturday, July 04, 2009

Nice Storm Event Last Night

Fireworks! Graphic from Art Douglas showing total lightning strikes from 26 June through yesterday morning at 1300Z on the 3rd of July. Quite amazing week.

Widespread Rain Event Last Evening to Early AM

During the day yesterday there were some storms drifting around, mainly over higher terrain, with fairly limited coverage. However, storms developed in the southeastern Phoenix area late in the afternoon and produced several damaging winds. Flow in the lower troposphere was light but NW to N and organized outflow apparently got going and headed southeast in our direction. It had really cooked up during the afternoon at lower desert elevations – temps around 105F with dewpoints holding in the low 60s.

After two early thunder events with no rain (around noon and again around 7 pm), thunderstorms rolled in about 9 pm with lots of lightning and thunder. No downpours here at house but an extended period of moderate rains that totaled up to 0.77”, the first rain this summer of any substance here at house (house is 32.27N 110.93W at about 2369 ft MSL – Tucson airport is at 2641 ft).

While rainfall affected perhaps 20 to 30% of eastern Pima County during the day, all of the ALERT gauges recorded measurable rainfall after 7 pm, with many substantial amounts! For example, 33 of 93 sites recorded more than an inch of rain and there were four spots that measured more than two inches. Most of the rains fell between 8 pm to 3 am. So, quite a rainfall event!

In this part of town, since it was the first serious rain, there are some spade foot toads out and about and lots of ants and termites swarming about this morning. The Rillito wash is running nicely and the air is fresh and clean – a great start to the fourth of July. Hope everyone has a great holiday.


PS – Mike Leuthold hopefully was back from Minnesota to see this one.

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