Thursday, July 02, 2009

Roger Edwards Wrote

Bob typed:
>they were propagating along and toward higher elevations where there was more CAPE available.

Jack Hales and I noticed this once the gust front got into Old Mexico too: Storms would fire on the north slopes and peaks of the short little ranges S of the border, but not in the basins. It was as if the lift atop the outflow density current struck a convective match on every mountainside.

===== Roger =====

I have lived here enough summers now to have watched in frustration many afternoons as storms that were heading right toward the house veered off along the flanks of the Catalinas or turned left (as on Tuesday) and ran down the flanks of the Rincons. A difference of just 1000 ft in elevation out here can affect CAPE enough to influence how and where storms propagate.


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