Friday, July 03, 2009

Summary of Yesterday (July 2, 2009)

The above is 24 hour radar estimated rainfall from KEMX (the Tucson Doppler radar) sent by Art Douglas. While these radar estimates tend to be high, they indicate very well where the strong storms occurred yesterday afternoon. Eastern Pima County and the Tucson metro area had considerably less thunderstorm activity than during previous couple of days. The strong storms over the Tucson mountains provided lots of rumbling thunder here at the house but only some spits of rain and another day with just a Trace.
The strong storms that drifted north from the Catalina Mountains produced 1.41" of rain at the Oracle Ranger Station. Only 23% of the gauges in the Pima County Alert network reported measurable rain in past 24 hours, down from 70% on Tuesday and 46% on Wednesday. Five higher elevation stations did report over half an inch yesterday.
I see that Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix had 0.01", so they're batting about the same as we are here at house.
The radar estimate also indicates the large area of Sonora that had very strong storms and intense, very cold-topped clusters yesterday.

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