Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nothing is Easy

2100 UTC graphic from Mike Hardiman

Very interesting evolution of things.Precipitable water has fallen back to yesterday's levels; temps are cooler and dewpoints slightly higherexcept at Yuma and pressures are 4 to 5 mb higher than 24 hours ago:

Tucson T -5F Td +3F P +4 mb
Phoenix T -6F Td +7F P +5 mb
Nogales T -4F Td +0F P +4 mb
Douglas T -1F Td +1F P +3.5 mb
Yuma T -5F Td +29F P +4 mb

Thus, it looks like we have been smashed by huge mesohigh produced by the Sonoran MCS. The outflowsand pressure rises caused surge up through Yuma but everywhere else is being affected by subsidence.The diverging outflow under the MCS may have pushed the subtropical air back southward over the higher terrain of Sonora while squeezing it northward up the GoC channel. Unfortunately, the surge ait has not turned westward yet, as indicated by falling dewpoints at Sells and Sasabe.

So the can of worms is readjusting all over the place and it appears that any storms over SE Arizona will be late or tomorrow. But nice storms have been triggered in Rim country and west New Mexico (see graphic above).

"Nothing is Easy" Jethro Tull

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