Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Comments on Radar Chart Below

Couple of comments have come in regarding the regional radar chart shown below below in previous post:

Hmmm... where's Area 51?

Mike is on the right track. The "jamming" observed on the radars occurs when the military are conducting exercises.


I posted this chart because it is the first time I recall seeing a "jamming" echo spike from what seems to have been a single source simultaneously affecting multiple radars. Single "jamming" spikes are of course common, but this seemed to be something different. Or it could be that this is common and I just haven't happened to notice it before. Regardless, I chuckled when I first saw it, since the spikes seemed to point at the infamous area 51! The slightly different in time radar chart above (from a loop I just ran at NCAR RAP) indicates that at least two different aircraft were jamming radars in this area and it was just a chance occurrence that the spikes on first image appeared to be coming from same source at same time.

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