Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rest of Week

With clear skies this morning over most of Arizona, the visible satellite image above shows how significant the mountains snow cover is over the northeastern mountains and the southeast sky islands. Yesterday's event only produced 0.07" here at the house but amounts were higher in the mountains and it appears that all of the Pima county ALERT gauges had measurable rainfall or snow except for a couple of sites in the far southwest part of the network. Low here in backyard was 26F this morning and it was very frosty out until sun got up a bit. The Rillito is running nicely today.
It appears that the next S/W at 500 mb will zip by to the north of Tucson. There is a very large cloud mass coming ashore over California and it is not clear whether part of this will persist to southeast Arizona. Attention turns next to the northeast US, where the models predict explosive cyclogenesis along the coast on Thursday. The folks in Albany may have their stormiest and snowiest week of the winter. Models continue to bring strong system through the Southwest next weekend.

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