Friday, June 29, 2012

Back In Tucson

We have been away from Tucson this week and have just returned late this afternoon. The rain gauge is dry here, although there were storms around the area (especially south to west to north) on Tuesday and Wednesday. It looks like we had some wind and dust here at the house but rain gauge is bone dry. The airport had 0.05" and thunder on Tuesday and thunder, wind and dust with gusts to 54 mph on Wednesday.

I see that PW has been holding around 30 to 35 mm during the week (see above), which is marginal for summer storms. The TWC soundings seem to have returned to their typical pattern of being mostly too dry, especially for the 00 UTC soundings. I see that best PW values remain in Mexico, near and south of 30 degrees N. There may be hope for a better storm environment in a couple of days. Good to be home and will catch up on things over the weekend.

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