Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tropical Storm Carlotta Develops

Tropical Storm Carlotta developed quite quickly during the night, with one NHC statement issued regarding a depression before she was declared to be a storm. Above is an IR image of the new tropical storm this morning (Thursday, June 14th). Image below, from NHC, shows that Carlotta is currently positioned south of the southern coast of Mexico.

The current NHC forecast is shown below. Carlotta is expected to intensify to hurricane strength before it perhaps makes a landfall. It appears that the storm could threaten Acapulco in a few days. Middle-level anticyclone intensifying to the north is expected to turn the storm back to the east or south. Carlotta is currently forecast to remain well south of 20 degrees north and thus would not be expected to push deep moisture very far toward the north.

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