Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot, Dry, And Windy

The 2345 UTC surface plot above shows very hot and dry conditions over much of the Southwest this afternoon - triple digit temperatures and single digit dewpoints at many locations. The RH at the airport is currently 3%. With gusty, desiccating winds it is ugly out there - it's like a desert.

Below is the blended, total precipitable water product from CIRA at CSU. High precipitable water (30 to 50 mm) has intruded into the southern third of the Gulf of California. It will be interesting to follow it's progression northward next few days. The NWS forecasts 20 to 40% POPS for the airport (TUS) next Saturday through Tuesday. This seems to me a very gutsy forecast, but I'd certainly love to get some real rain in the gauge.

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