Saturday, June 09, 2012

Smokey Skies At Sunrise

Edited to add: Comment below (I think from Jack Hales) provides url for Ruidoso web cam, which is capturing what is being called the Little Bear fire. The image above is at 3:15 pm MDT.

There was smoke visible to the east and south of Tucson at sunrise this morning, from the Rincons down to the border. The visible satellite image above (0615 am MST) shows smoke plumes from three fires currently burning. The smokey skies here are from a fire burning in northern Mexico, due south of the bend in the border. The Gila Wilderness fire continues to burn in spots. There is a new fire burning in New Mexico northeast of White Sands - the smoke plume from this fire is at the east edge of the image, extending off to the east. The new fire is north of Ruidoso in high elevation, very rugged terrain.With a hot and windy day on tap, Red Flag Warnings cover much of the Southwest.

The past week has been quite hot, with highs of 100 to 104F every day, with the exception of last Sunday when the official high at the airport was 99F.

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