Saturday, June 23, 2012

Couple Of Updates

Tropical Storm Debby - the NHC has named the system in the Gulf of Mexico as a new tropical storm. Their first forecast for TS Debby (above) has gone with the models having a track to the west. Debby is a very strange looking tropical storm (2230 UTC visible image below). The low pressure circulation is located west of the large area of convection and cloudiness that stretches from western Cuba north to the Florida Panhandle.Satellite loops indicate little or no deep convection within the low's circulation. It will be interesting to watch how this system evolves during the next several days.

Climate Prediction Center - the CPC has issued a new precipitation outlook for JAS - above. Their outlook now has a wet area for the Southwest. Thus, CPC's outlook now has similarities to Art Douglas' outlook below, which was posted here on Thursday. My fingers are crossed in hopes that they'll both be right.

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