Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beautiful, Clear Skies This Morning

Today (Wednesday, September 23rd) has dawned clean and crisp and clear - as per view above at 7:14 am MST. There were isolated strong storms around the Tucson metro yesterday - Ron Holle sent the photo below, which was taken at Vaisala - just a bit north of the airport.

Plot of detected CG flashes (above, from Vaisala and Atmo) is for 24-hours ending at midnight last night - considerable thunderstorm activity yesterday as weakening short-wave elongated to the east-northeast and trailed slowly across southern parts of state. The airport area took a direct hit from a strong storm, as per the surface observations below, a bit before 2:30 pm - Ron Holle's photo is of this storm. This storm apparently produced 1 inch hail and gusts around 60 mph on the far east side of town.

Across the ALERT network 62 of 92 sites measured rainfall yesterday from the showers. Amounts were about evenly split above and below 2/10ths of an inch - only 4 sites had rainfall of more than half an inch. Here at house we had two light showers, and perhaps thunder, that produced only 0.02".

This morning the Rillito was flowing for the third consecutive day (below is flow measured near Dodge Street bridge), and Sand trout were finning happily in the current. These elusive fish (a variant of the German brown trout - bottom) are hard to spot because they blend perfectly with the muddy color of the stream.

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