Friday, September 04, 2015

Brief Overview Of Summer 2015

It was a very dry summer here at the house - total June through August rainfall was only 2.44", which was the third driest summer since 1999. There was measurable rain on 26 days, which is about average for a summer here. But, there were only two days all summer with rainfall of 0.20" or greater. There was 0.33" here on August 11th, as well as estimated wind gusts of 60 to 65 mph (only severe thunderstorm day of the summer). The 0.63" on August 23rd saved the summer from being totally dismal. Also of note was 3/4 inch hail on June 30th.

         Monthly totals June  July  August   Summer

House                        0.37  0.60  1.47     2.44
Near Prince and Country Club

Ron Holle                  0.30  1.64  2.85     4.79   
Oro Valley Near Naranja and La Cholla

Carl Hergenrother     1.12  1.56  4.88     7.56
Near Houghton and Catalina Highway

Sister Pam @            4.27   3.09  4.51   11.87
Santa Rita Abbey  5 miles NNW of Sonoita 82/83 intersection 

Finally, the five panels below show summer rainfall for the sectors of the Pima County ALERT network. Note that the gauge at I-10 and Cienega Creek was out of service until the last couple of days of August.

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