Monday, November 02, 2020

Continued Warm And Dry

Some color before sunrise this morning, as middle and high clouds move northward across Tucson. Down at bottom is image of the Tetons bathed in moonlight (moon is now in a waning phase, but is still nearly full).

By the end of the week models forecast that a deep, 500 mb trough will re-established itself across the West (forecast above from 06 UTC GFS valid at noon next Saturday, the 7th).

Forecast plumes from the same run of the GEFS below indicate ( top to bottom) that: PW will plummet as the trough sets up;  winds will be strong and gusty after Thursday; and that temperatures will become markedly cooler over the weekend. However, model forecasts little chance for rainfall at this time - will watch how this evolves next few days.


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