Monday, November 23, 2020

November Drawing To A Close


Unwrapped all-sky cam on Mt. Lemmon at 6:05 am MST this morning. Down at bottom is all-sky cam from Kitt Peak this morning - note Big Dipper upper left and Orion lower right. 

Already windy on Kitt Peak with with gusts over 40 mph. The WRF-GFS forecast below from 06 UTC is for winds valid at 3:00 pm MST this afternoon. Note that 19 kt is 22 mph, so winds may gust to around 30 mph this afternoon - if WRF model verifies well.

Temperatures will trend a bit cooler this weak, as a 500 mb short-wave digs southeastward across the Four Corners region. Forecasts here from 00 UTC GFS are valid at 11 pm on the 26th (above) and 11 pm on the 29th (below).

This will be yet another moisture-starved system, as they all have been this Fall. Forecast above from 00 UTC WRF GFS is for PW (mm) valid at 5:00 pm on November 27. The Southwest is forecast to be extremely dry - itchy and scratchy dry-skin weather. From the same model run (below) is forecast for total precipitation through 5:00 pm on November 30th.  So it goes - surely December will bring us some moisture?

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