Friday, November 20, 2020

November Warmth/Baby Yoda


View of San Francisco Peaks from Flagstaff yesterday afternoon shows no snow visible, as the unusual November warmth continues with no precipitation.

Skies are clear this morning and above image is the unwrapped version of the Mt. Lemmon skycam from 5;30 am MST this morning. Glow to the south is from Tucson, and I assume that the green/yellow glow to northwest is Phoenix metro area.

Forecast below (from the 06 UTC run of GFS) is for total precipitation through 11 pm on November 30th - most of the Southwest and northern Mexico continue high and dry. Only November rainfall here at house has been 0.15" on the 9th, which seems ages ago. But, it could be worse - there have been four Novembers here since 1999 with no precipitation.

Finally an excursion - Baby Yoda seems to be showing up everywhere these days - from the international space station (above) to the Grand Targhee Resort's "Stick of Truth" (below).

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