Thursday, May 06, 2010

Continuation of Previous Post

To continue from previous post - I also looked to the east to see how some of the sounding data were comparing to GPS data.
Top plots show the past month's PW comparison for Little Rock (LZK), Arkansas. The data from LZK have been very dry relative to the GPS observations, indeed much more so that the two southwestern US stations shown in previous post.
Bottom plots show the past month's PW comparisons for Corpus Christi (CRP), Texas. The RRS data at CRP is typically more moist than the GPS values. BUT, every once in awhile the CRP data are drier than GPS data - sometimes spectacularly so (as per the red diamond in lower left).
So, the problems are not restricted to the dry domain of the Southwest US. They have a significant "random" aspect to them, suggesting that "correcting" the RRS data is perhaps an impossible challenge.

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