Thursday, July 31, 2014

Considerable Upswing In Storm Activity Yesterday

There was a considerable increase in activity over southeastern Arizona yesterday, with some thunderstorms making it into parts of southern metro area. Dusty outflow from south here at house during late afternoon. Plot above shows CG flash locations through 0730 UTC on July 31st. Composite radar echoes below are from 0043 UTC (5:43 pm MST) yesterday afternoon.

A large, upper-tropospheric cyclone moved across Mexico the last two days and is centered just west of the south end of Baja this morning. Upper flow to the north of this feature has been highly difluent and activty in western Mexico has been on the increase. The IR image above shows a larger MCS over Sonora at 0615 UTC this morning. Debris showers from this system (see 1200 UTC radar below) and heavy middle and upper-level cloud cover were over much of southern Arizona at sunrise. During my morning walk there were some light sprinkles, and I thought I heard one distant rumble of thunder far off to west. Rainfall for 24-hours ending at 7:00 am MST shown second below from MesoWest at University of Utah.

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