Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23rd - It's National Hot Dog Day

More on National Hot Dog Day 

From John Ferner across the circle:

Enjoyed your hot dog report today.  I must say that I have yet to find a close contender to the hot dog I had from a vendor on the public square in Coatapec, Veracruz, Mexico back in 2008. 

From dryheatblog ( - David Cristiani in El Paso:

I bet the professor loathes gas grills, too! As to Sonorans, I've enjoyed El Guero Canelo more than once while in TUS...since mayo and tomatoes are not my thing, I just put some mustard on them, or not at all...divine! Tonight - having a brat.

A frank conversation with a professor at "the nation's college of encased meat knowledge." Mark Reitman is neutral about ketchup but doggedly opposed to the meatless and veggie impostors

Local favorite for those with cast iron gut - The Sonoran: Arizona really knows how to make a hot dog! Next time you're in the Sonoran region, dig into one of these beauties; the dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, grilled and fresh onions, tomatoes, mayo, crema fresca, mustard, and jalapeno salsa. Did I mention that the hot dog is wrapped in bacon?? El Guero Canelo grills up one of the best Sonoran dogs in the country, so prepare your tastebuds accordingly if you plan to stop by! 

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