Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rainfall July 8th

The plot from MesoWest (above for 24-hours ending at 8 am MST on the 8th) indicates fairly widespread rainfall during the past 24 hours. The ALERT sector below indicates that a N-S swath of rain crossed the metro area with a number of amounts in the 1/2 to 1 inch range. Much of this rain fell after midnight. 

Here at the house we had only some rumbling thunder from a storm on the Catalinas yesterday afternoon, but thunder and lightning and 0.19" after midnight. Note the the Dodge at Rillito ALERT station with 0.63" is barely a mile east of the house. Across the entire ALERT network 50 of 92 stations measured rainfall for the 24-hours ending at 8 am MST. There were 11 reports of a half inch or more, but only 1 report of more than an inch. The Rillito was flowing this morning and it looked like at some time during the early morning it had been flowing at about 3/4 of the bank-to-bank width of the wash.

The NWS PRI for the Phoenix metro area (above for past 24-hours) indicates that rainfall was much more sparse up there. The PRI for July indicates that not much in the way of a summer storm season has set in up there yet.

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