Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Some Observations Yesterday Afternoon To Early This Morning

There were thunderstorms in the mountains and Rim Country yesterday afternoon as well across much of New Mexico. Above plot shows CG flash detections through 7 pm last evening. Satellite image below is from 8:15 pm MST. Note that there was another evening MCS in southern Sonora - these have been acting to push outflows and increased low-level moisture northward.

CGs over Mexico through midnight last night (above) illustrate the frequent lightning associated with storms occurring in the deeper moisture east of the lower half of the GoC, as well as significant storm activity from northern Mexico into Texas and New Mexico. The blended PW analysis from CIRA (below for 5 am MST this morning, Wednesday, July 2nd) indicates deeper moisture and higher PW values approaching southern Arizona from both the east and south.

The IR satellite image below is for 6:15 am MST this morning and shows a large complex of morning storms over eastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle, as well as strong convection at south end of GoC. east of Florida with TS Arthur, and also west of Florida in the GoM. TS Douglas is off to the west of the southwest corner of this image.

Another post about what today may bring to southeast Arizona in a bit.

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