Thursday, July 10, 2014

Storms And Rainfall July 9th

Thunderstorm activity was very much suppressed yesterday, as would be expected after the widespread storm day on Tuesday. The plot above shows CG flashes for 24-hours, through 6 am MST this morning. Thunderstorms occurred mostly on higher terrain and the low elevations of eastern Pima County were very suppressed. Rainfall plot from MesoWest at University of Utah (below) illustrates the character of the day very well.

Here at the house there were some light sprinkles from debris cloud after midnight, so we've had a trace today, so far. The Rillito Wash was running again this morning - perhaps due to the heavy rains alond Davidson Canyon, southeast of Tucson. Across the Pima County ALERT network 21 sites reported rainfall. These sites were mostly in the eastern portion of the network, and amounts were generally light. Exceptions were: Empire Peak with 0.98"; Davidson Canyon with 0.75"; and Manning Camp with 0.55".

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