Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More Anvil Debris And Spits Of Rain

Not much time this morning, so just another brief summary of yesterday. Afternoon storms tended to hug the mountains yesterday, as per very high-based storm over the Catalinas at 4:00 pm above. There was one development over the metro area northeast of the airport. Saw some nice cloud-to-ground flashes from this storm before 5:00 pm MST. Here at house we had anvils and a couple of spits of rain, giving us another day with a Trace. If you look closely at the CG flashes plot below (from Atmo/Vaisala for 24-hours ending at midnight last night) you can see the flashes from the east metro storm.

I took a more detailed look in time at the rainfall reports from the ALERT network. I set the display periods for 12-hours ending at 5:00 pm and then again ending at 5:00 am this morning - this corresponds to "today" and "tonight" periods used by the NWS. For the period ending at 5:00 pm yesterday, there were 33 sites with rainfall - highest amount was 1.61" at Dan Saddle in the Catalinas. Notable amounts at other locations were: 0.75" at Kolb and Golf Links; 0.71" at 286 and Altar Wash; and 0.59" at Franco Wash and Swan. For the 12-hours ending at 5:00 am this morning there were only 12 sites with light to very light amounts and most of these were along the far south portion of the network.

This morning there is cloud debris from Tucson east and north, with clear skies out to our west. Models forecast another somewhat similar day today wit focus on mountains but some chances over lower elevations, where there remains small amounts of CAPE. This morning's sounding at TWC indicates a very chopped up and light wind profile below 400 mb, with southerlies above. Storms will have anvils spreading to north again and be slow moving with possible localized heavy rainfall.

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