Sunday, July 19, 2015

PW Analysis Links From Matt Bunkers

Very nice PW analysis products from Matt Bunkers at NWS Rapid City - sample and his full email about these new links is below, with a zoom on the Southwest at bottom. Many thanks Matt.


After getting through some hurdles I have been able to restore the CONUS PW plots.  The main page is here:

with direct links to the plots here:

I still have to figure out some decoding issues for the Canadian stations.

In addition, I have started producing forecast graphics for the NAM % of normal PW (available from the same page as above).  These are based on the NARR 1979-2001 monthly climatologies.  Examples of the above plots are attached.

SPC may add something better this fall, but this is at least a placeholder until that time.  Also note that the SPC page has the individual real-time plots:

I apologize for the hiatus of these graphics.  Thanks for your interest (and prodding) in seeing them restored.  Also many thanks to Tom Hultquist (SOO @ MPX) who helped me get the NARR data and decode it properly.

-- Matt

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