Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Severe Thunderstorms To End June - I

Too many things to talk about today, so will need to do several posts. First will just show some storm and hail photos.

There were numerous reports of hail yesterday afternoon mainly in eastern Pima County and also around Sierra Vista. Above is from Jim Toth, who lives a bit northwest of here. He has scaled the hail relative to his big toe - take note SPC, could this become a new standard? - which he says is a bit over 1.25 inches wide. Hail fell here at the house also, and I grabbed the largest stone I saw on the courtyard (note many of the stones shattered on impact) and it is shown below relative to a quarter.

The view from the campus looking north above is from a bit after 5:15 pm MST. Heavy rains obscures the west end of the Catalinas, while a new updraft has formed to the southeast of the heavy rain - it is only partly shown on the east side of photo above. Jim Toth's view from north of River looking almost directly east is shown below - his photo captures both the heavy rain shaft and the south portion of the new updraft.

Two photos here are from the house at about 5:15 pm. Photo above - looking northeast - shows the horizontal extent of the updraft, which appeared to be rotating. Photo below zooms on the west side of the updraft, plus the heavy rain to its north and west. The storm moved southwestward off the mountains crossing a large part of the western metro area, while producing heavy rains, strong outflow winds and abundant hail.  Outflow winds here at the house, from the western cell on higher elevations, was from the north at about 45 mph and occurred before these photos were taken.

Finally, from Jim Means east of San Diego, a photo of an elevated funnel cloud that formed as rare June thunderstorms were building west off the coast ranges.

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