Sunday, July 05, 2015

Quiet, Cloudy Day For The Fourth

The Fourth was a quiet, cloudy, and relatively cool day here yesterday. The above plot of CG flash locations is for 24-hours endin at 7:00 pm MST yesterday and flash densities graphic below is for 6-hours ending at about 6:00 am this morning (these from Atmo and Weather.Graphics with Vaisala data). Except for one thunderstorm in the afternoon on the Catalinas all of eastern half of Pima and Santa Cruz Counties were totally suppressed wrt thunderstorms. Across the ALERT network there were 12 sites with rainfall for past 24-hours, with very light amounts except for 0.43" at Oro Valley from a mid-day shower with no lightning. Not a spit here at the house again. So, the only fireworks we saw from the house were those from resorts along the foothills. The NWS HRRR model forecast from yesterday morning was quite good (see earlier post), although the local office kept precipitation POPs fairly high in a CYA mode, since it was a big holiday.

There is a small, early morning MCS again today - IR image above from 1130 UTC and radar below from 12 UTC. Activity is mostly in Mexico, with light showers extending into Cochise County, where there have been some decent rainfalls. The HRRR forecast from 01 UTC last evening (below, valid at 12 UTC) was pretty good again.

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