Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some Storm Photos From Past Two Days

Small gallery here of photos taken Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The top three are from Tuesday the 28th.

Photo above is from Mike Olbinski -  - he took this about 4:30 pm MST from along I-10 northwest of Marana looking toward south-southwest. Zoomed version below focuses on nebulous feature at left center above. It appears that there is a landspout-type tornado lurking behind the rain shaft that is partially obscuring it.

Photo below was also taken on Tuesday from house, looking north at about 5:45 pm. The ragged, funnel-like feature appeared to be rotating slowly.

Remaining photos are from yesterday, the 29th. Above is from Ron Holle in Oro Valley, looking northeastward around 6:40 pm MST. Updraft base appears to have some rotation.

This photo of an unusual wedge of sunlight, with partial rainbow, was taken by Jim Parks - view is to the east at about 7:00 pm from near Campbell, south of Prince.

Finally, two views from the campus webcam looking north toward the Catalinas - top is from 6:00 pm and bottom at 7:00 pm (also catching the unusual lighting). Note the flag, which shows that strong gust front had passed across campus from the east between the two images.

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